Day 1- Fear is NOT an option.

I felt a strong leading to start this blog and after a bit of hesitation I was fired up.

I worked closely with Pat my talented designer to accomplish a look and feel that I felt would speak to what the blog is/should be all about and we tweaked until it felt just right. Alas, the design was completed and the site went live. I should be excited, right? Au contraire. I sat and stared at the screen a week after the blog went online, wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into. I guess you can say I had a failure to launch, writer’s block, nerves or maybe, truth be told, I was simply afraid.

Afraid to put myself out there. Afraid to share what is/was on my heart. Afraid that my words, my stories and experiences would not resonate with people who stumbled across the blog. Afraid that in some way, I would fail Him and the ability to connect with others through encouragement and community.

And then I remembered that fear is not of Him and that I can do all thing through Christ who gives me strength. So, with fingers poised over the keyboard and a determination to officially launch the blog with a post, I tapped away, the sound of the keys like music to my ear.

Oftentimes we feel a Christ-like leading, pushing us into a direction. It may be to start a blog, go back to school, save more, get involved in our local Church or reach out to others. That leading often always never go unchallenged and unquestioned by us. We wonder if it’s not a prompting of the Spirit but think it’s our mind talking to us. He says in the word that His sheep know His voice. By spending time in His presence He will give us guidance, direction and confirm the things we are uncertain about.

I encourage you today to not dismiss those Spirit-led promptings but seek Him, to confirm if it is indeed His will and await guidance on the path to take. Welcome to the blog. Consider this my official post I look forward to sharing with you, encouraging you and being encouraged by you. I’m excited to see us bloom together, becoming the women He created us to be.

Scriptures: Phil 4:13, John 10:27.  Image source