I’m passionate about living intentionally, authentically and with my whole heart.

Welcome to Lady In Bloom. I’m Carlana, the visionary behind this space. As a woman, I’m committed to living an intentional, authentic, wholehearted life. I also purpose to thrive. I don’t just want to get by and survive, but I want to live fully and walk in my destiny. I want to be a beacon of encouragement, hope and the change is wish to see in the world. I believe in better tomorrows and I subscribe to the thinking that the best is ahead.

I’ve survived a whole lot of things – child sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandonment, divorce and financial loss. But there comes a time when we want more than to live to tell another day. We want to transcend struggles, challenges and past to THRIVE.

I specialize in the art of the comeback. I’m good at taking lemons and making lemonade. Life has knocked me over many times but I always get up and keep fighting. You have that fight in you, too. Hold hard and fast to your dreams. Believe that the best is still ahead. Be assured that the future can be infinitely better than the past and even where you are now. I’m testament to that. Remember, you were made to thrive and you can create the life you crave. But you must first dare!